Friday, August 13, 2004

E-Society Exhibition at BMICH, Colombo

The exhibition is going on in full swing. Seems like the student population has invaded the place.
Lots of stalls and guess what.. major talent.!!! ehhmmm.

Anyway I was supposed to be there tomorrow, helping out Meeya at their Microsoft Booth, along with Jinath. But seems like things are not looking healthy with the way they have arranged the stalls. Its kind of noisy too. So we thought of taking a break.
Besides Jin wants to enjoy the excitement at the Sri Lanka-South Africa
2nd test, which is heading towards a serious finish. And I need to fill my tooth, which had its filling fallen last week.

C'mon Sri Lanka!

Oops Forgot something.

Guess what,..... myselft, Wela & Jin walked into a stall of SCJPs and asked a couple of questions as to "Which one is better .net or Java", pretending that we were fresh school leavers. (What a Joke??. Hope he didn't wish that his Dad was also a school leaver)

The guy was a bit helpless. Anyway he said that Java was better, for no reason. And to come tomorrow, so that he can explain more.

Logo for the .net Forum in Sri Lanka

Here are the two suggestions.

This was done by

And this is a slightly modified one of a creation of Merill

We are still dying to decide on one. But sometimes our sponsors would have already
gone ahead and produced the badges.

We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Wait and see.