Friday, September 03, 2004

International Book Fair in Colombo (6~12 Sept)

The Annual International Book Fair and Exhibition is scheduled to be held
from 6th ~ 12th September 2004, at the BMICH in Colombo.

All the Book Shops in SL are bound to be there.
I guess, I should also have a couple of thousands ready in my wallet, if I am to be there.
Anyway its better to be there in the first couple of days, to avoid being disappointed by NOT finding what you were looking for..

The timing is 9 to 9. (a.m. to p.m.)

Kill Bill? Oh My God!

For years now Linux has fought the good fight in the OS war, only to be thwarted time and time again by their arch nemesis: Microsoft. After numerous strategic attacks resulted in failure, the Linux community realized they had to take extreme measures to avoid extinction. Their last hope for survival was devised, a prophecy was told, a solution presented, the last line of defense:
Kill Bill. !!!

Now will you want to buy this T-shirt?